The incredible story of The Barberstation
Jean van Rossum & Rob Slaats

The Barberstation Story

The Barberstation is an old-school barbershop in the Netherlands where men can get a proper shave and haircut. No trends, but timeless hairstyles, bold, striking and self-assured. The atmosphere at The Barberstation feels like your favourite pub, with cool music and quality drinks to enjoy while the barber cuts and shaves your face into a true work of art. The Barberstation’s customers enjoy its No Girl Talk, Men Only attitude and enjoy their every visit.

Jean van Rossum spent many years in the hairdressing trade before starting The Barberstation in early 2013. It’s a classic gentlemen’s hairdresser and barber shop where men can get their hair, mustache and beard cared for. Jean, originally a drummer and musician under the name of Jean Monsou, created The Barberstation out of all the things he finds awesome: traditional haircuts, the stylish gentleman’s look, an authentic interior that’s nearly a century old, a lively bar and timeless roots music that appeals to every generation. Because the world of hairdressing needed a bit of rock & roll.

He was soon joined by Rob Slaats, son and grandson of gentlemen’s hairdressers, who stepped up to serve as a partner in crime and technical wizard. Rob leads The Barberstation Academy, where gentlemen’s hairdresser-and-barbers are trained. With its team of passionate barbers, The Barberstation grew swiftly, and now has four locations in the Netherlands. International hairdressing shows ask The Barberstation to come demonstrate its “classy rock ‘n rolla style” and craftsmanship.

Hair care products for real men!

New! New! New!

Good beard care and the styling of traditional gentlemen’s haircuts require good products that keep manly hair in shape all day long. That’s why The Barberstation has developed its own range of true barber shop products, such as pomades and creams. These premium quality products by The Barberstation are now sold around the world.

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